Becky Lee Coleman attended the Utah College of Massage Therapy and graduated in 2006. She is working on building her private practice with an office in Manchester Center VT, and the option of house call massages in the surrounding areas. 

The work she does is hard to label because every massage is going to be a little different, every client is going to need different techniques to help with different problems.  Becky likes to say that she has "a lot of tools in the toolbox" and she will customize each massage to fit the clients needs.

She is drawn towards deep tissue therapeutic massage with the ideas of structural bodywork as the basis, where you work towards lengthening the short tissue of the body so that the bodies skeletal system is more aligned with the forces of gravity. Swedish is another form of massage that Becky uses often as there is a certain connectivity where you link the body back together as a whole with long fluid strokes. She also uses trigger point therapy, Cranio Sacral and reflexology as some of her tools.