Why Massage?     -My interest in massage started before I really new what massage was, I was about 10 years old and was at a summer camp with a friend. One evening we were rubbing the arms and hands of one of our counselors. She was asleep within minutes. Now that I think about it she had been putting up with 10 year old girls all week I would have been asleep too! A profound thought crossed my mind as she relaxed and fell asleep, you can make someone feel so good just by touching them in a caring way. All through my time in high school I would give shoulder rubs to all my friends and teachers. I just felt drawn to making people feel better.

I also had an experience in high school soccer where I was having a pain in my hip and it was making it nearly impossible to run without pain. My soccer coach suggested I get my hip worked on by a massage therapist. After about 4 sessions of specific work to some of the hip muscles, specifically the illiacus which showed signs of being inflamed and irritated, I was pain free. So I had now been on the receiving side of massage and knew that you could not only make people feel better you could help them get out of pain!

Now that I am working as a massage therapist I know what people mean when they say that when you are doing something you love its not work!


-Graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City in 2006

Associations and Credentials-

-Member of AMTA(American Massage Therapy Association) since 2006

-Passed my National Certification(NCBTMB) exam in Dec of 2006

Continuing Education- Including but not limited to,


     -JFB Myofacial Release-Myofacial Mobilization, Burlington, VT March 2014

             Introductory seminar presented the theory of Myofacial Release in which the gentle applicatin of sustained pressure into the facial restrictions can elongate the restricted facia that can be causing issues throughout the body.


     -DeepFeet- Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy St.Petersberg, Fla March 2013

            This barefoot massage technique uses deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body.    Bars are used above the head for balance and  lubricant is essential for its purest application. We combine flowing centrifugal and centripetal force and also incorporate push, pull, pumping effleurage movements. The results relieve symptoms of chronic soft tissue damage and in some cases when we're lucky, a structural change

              -Barefoot Basics

              -Anterior and Sidelying

     -AMTA National Convention in Minniapolis, MN 2010

-Advances in Soft Tissue Therapy (Paul St. John)

-Introduction to Structural Relief (Taya Countryman)

-Cancer and Massage Therapy (Susan Gail Salvo)

-Your Massage Toolbox (Michale Hovi)

-Massage & Medications (Jeannette Vaupel)    

     -Primary Care Sports Medicine Conference (UVM Cont Med Ed) 2009

     -Sports Injuries (PESI Healthcare) 2008

     -Orthopedic Massage & Pain Management Seminars (James Waslaski) 2008

     -Anatomy Trains (Tom Myers) 2007

Undergraduate Studies

-BA in Studio Art (University of Vermont) 2003

Concentration in Ceramics

Minor in Small Business Management


I have grown up in the wonderful Green Mountains of Vermont my whole life. I enjoy all the our great state has to offer. In 2011 I got married in my home town of Bondville, and bought an almost 200 year old farm house in South Londonderry, now my husband and I happily enjoy moulding our little Farm into what we hope is a great place to grow our food and our family. Now my summer free time consist of taking care of the garden and menagerie of animals we raise for pets and food for our family.